Remote Desks

Recently I had the luxury of travelling around the world as a participant in the Remote Year program, and it was an experience I wish I had done a long time ago. The only catch was, I continued to work during my travels and learned to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, it must be all fun and games. And well, yes there was a fair share of fun and games during the trip, but there were still challenges to face when needing to work remotely.

For some tips on staying productive, check out the article I was featured in by Mental Floss, written by Zoe Weiner:

8 Tips for Staying Productive When You Work Remotely

When it comes to working remotely, getting your boss on board may seem like the hardest part. Once they’ve agreed to let you work from home—or basically anywhere outside your cubicle—it’s all pajama-clad smooth sailing from the comfort of your couch, right? more


Here’s a sample of the different desks I’ve worked from during my travels.